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Developing of normally-off p-GaN gate HEMT

 In this paper, the high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) with p-GaN gate is developed. The article demonstrates development of normally-off p-GaN gate HEMT on heterostructure with AlN stop layer for p-GaN selective etching and formation of normally-on GaN HEMT on the same wafer. It is researched that the gate length and gate-to-drain length influence on transistor operation and its breakdown voltage. The ohmic contact resistance and leakage currents depend on etching RF mode. The developed normally-off transistor with gate length of 1 um and gate-to-drain length of 9.5um has a breakdown voltage of 500 V and drain current in open state of 350 mA/mm. It is established that 2 nm SiN under the gate metal influence on device work.

Source: iopscience

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